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Electric City Butcher - Sausage 101 Workshop

Have you always wanted to see how sausage was made? How about bragging rights at the next BBQ that you HANDMADE the brats on the grill. Then this class is for you. Join ECB's Butcher team for a hands-on, two-hour course in the art of sausage making. You'll learn how to grind, mix, pipe and twist sausage. You'll learn--step by step--how to make sausage at home. Join us for this special class at your only Orange County whole animal butcher shop.

What do I get with the class?

  • Learn to grind, mix, and pipe your very own pork sausage.

  • Take home four pounds of your own sausage.

  • Get an ECB Butcher Bag, including sausage poker.

  • You receive a 10% discount on any in-store purchases made that evening.

  • A 10%-off coupon for your next visit.

  • Drinks and meat-tastic snacks at the end of the evening.