Which Wich to have in Hand This National Sandwich Day

Whoever thought to add tuna salad to the already delicious grilled cheese deserves a medal. The crew at Stockyard Sandwich Co. earns the gold for their take on the classic because the ciabatta and cheddar make it better.

CIVIC’s house-made pesto is the key that truly unlocks the flavor of its juicy, free-range chicken breast burger. Its basil is garden fresh, the olive oil enhancing the herbs while not being too soggy. They then throw savory sun dried tomatoes, arugula, melted Swiss cheese on a delicate yet crispy bun, proving that you can still get your fill without completely wrecking that healthy streak you’ve been on.


Not Your Typical Taco Tuesday

If you haven’t had a chance to check out 4th Street Market yet, we highly suggest you do. Their patio alone is reason enough to visit – boasting a plethora of board games, killer artwork and live music (usually). Taking a step inside this impressive food hall, you’ll come across Dos Chinos, where their menu brings Latin and Asian flavors together on one plate (or burrito, or on a bed of French fries).